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My Philosophy

When I was a little girl, one of my very favorite things was going to my grandma’s house, pulling out all her photo albums, and going through each one over and over again. I’d thumb through the delicate pages… there were my grandparents on their wedding day, my mom as a little girl, me as a baby. It was like time traveling. I credit those albums for igniting that first spark of interest in photography (and history) in me.

When I think about what I do and why I do it, it’s for that little kid thumbing through old albums. It’s amazing to me the memories that one single photograph can bring back, particularly newborn photos when everything is a blur and you’re just trying to survive. I look back at the newborn photographs of our twins, and there are so many little details about my girls at that time that come rushing back to me. Faces they made when they were sleeping, how incredibly tiny they really were… things that I tend to forget now that my girls are wild and busy toddlers.

Family is everything to me, and I know it’s everything to you too. When I deliver photographs to a client, I think about their grandchildren coming across those images in an old album (yes, an actual album – print your photos, please!), in awe of how impossibly young everyone looks. I love the idea of contributing a tiny piece to your family history. That’s why I do this.

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